Friday, June 27, 2014

Caution: Cigarette Smoking May Cause You to Lose Your Home (Update)

After 40 years in the same apartment, a Düsseldorf man must vacate his home because of his "excessive" smoking habits. That was the decision of an Appeals Court on Wednesday. Perhaps, the most famous smoker in Germany, Friedhelm Adolfs refused to comply with repeated requests to smoke outside his apartment or on his balcony. The smoke would often drift into the other tenants apartments posing a health risk and causing some residents to become ill.

Many sympathizers (no doubt smokers) donated to Adolfs's legal defense. The case became a rallying cry for "smoker rights." Where Mr. Adolfs goes from here is unclear, but hopefully, not to my apartment. 

As an aside, I've had to close my balcony door and living room windows while I write this post because someone's cigarette smoke is drifting into my apartment! Why not ban smoking in all living spaces, balconies included. 

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