Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here Come the Spornosexuals!

We've all heard of the Metrosexual (derived from metropolitan and heterosexual) to describe a man who is meticulous about his grooming and appearance. Now, we have a subcategory of Metrosexual: the Spornosexual (derived from sport and pornography). A Spornosexual is a man who's often at the gym working on his body, and who's not shy about showing off the results. Famous Spornosexuals include David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Vladimir Putin. (You may dislike this middle-aged guy, but you have to admire his Spornosexual look.)

The term originated in the USA and has finally reached Germany. For many social commentators, 'spornosexuality' is a product of a body-obsessed and narcissistic culture that values appearance above all else.

A Photo from Mensch und Sonne,
It Sold Over 100,000 Copies
During the Nazi Era
Spornosexuality is not new. The ancient Greeks and the Nazis also idolized male beauty. For example, Hans Surén's book Mensch und Sonne (Humans and Sun), a collection of nude photographs, was a best seller during the Nazi era. In fact, homo-eroticism is often a subtext of many male organizations, and especially in male-dominated regimes like the Nazis (a regime where homosexuals were actively persecuted). One theory is that homosexual urges when repressed can be expressed as homophobia. Freud called this process 'reaction formation' - the angry battle against the outward symbol of feelings that are inwardly being stifled (think Ted Haggard, Evangelical Minister, and Glenn Murphy Jr., leader of the Young Republicans).

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