Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kulturforum: 100 Beste Plakata 2013 (The 100 Best Posters of 2013)

Free Pussy Riots
Designer: Lex Drewinski
Each year the Kulturforum in Berlin showcases the best German language posters of the year. This year, Vladimir Putin was the inspiration for many of the winning designs, including Lex Drewinski's Free Pussy Riots, an ingenious design commenting on Russia's treatment of the punk rock group, Pussy Riots, and Amnesty International's Putin We Are Watching You.
Cat Power
Designer: Karin Kindeskov,
Petronius Amund Wink,
Gerald Rockeston
The whimsical Cat Power and Müde-Wach (Tired-Wake Up) won the hearts of the jury by using humor to convey their message. But perhaps my favorite poster was Barbara Galizia's Winterhilfe (Winter Help), a poster promoting Winterhilfe, a Swiss social welfare organization that helps the poor. (Yes, Switzerland has poor people too.) 
Winterhilfe (Winter Help)
Designer: Barbara Galizia

To see all the winning posters click on 100 Beste Plakate.
Fritz-Kola: Müde - Wach (Tired - Wake Up)Designer: Rocket & Wink,
Petronius Amund Wink,
Gerald Rocketson
Putin We Are Watching You
Designer: Fons Hickmann (Art Direction)
Raúl Kokott (Design)
Bjorn Wolf (Art Direction)

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