Friday, August 29, 2014

Adam Sucht Eva: Nude Dating on TV

Like the USA, Europe has its share of mindless Reality TV shows. The latest to hit Germany is Adam Sucht Eva (Adam Seeks Eve), aimed at the gawker and voyeur demographic. The Adam Sucht Eva franchise originated in the Netherlands and has various incarnations around the world. The show pairs naked contestants on a tropical "deserted" island where an Eve must select between two handsome competing Adams.

In the first episode, we are introduced to Eve (Ricarda), a shapely 23 year old medical student, who tells us that she's glad to be naked and free of clothes. We then meet, Thomas (Adam 1) who's athletic, creative, and a sort of anti-macho figure who likes woman with small breasts. (Perhaps, he likes his women small since his endowment is rather humble itself.) Off camera, we hear a narrator say, 'naked as God created.' This gives the show an ecclesiastical flavor, and reminds us that Eva Sucht Adam isn't just some gratuitous excuse to see naked bodies. Shortly thereafter, Ricardo (Adam 2) appears. Ricardo is a less romantic version of Adam 1, but buffer and certainly bigger in the penis department. Who will Eve choose?

During the show, viewers are treated to meaningless dialogue, contrived plot situations, and voyeuristic camera shots. Even the scenes of this beautiful tropical island become boring after watching 10 minutes of this drivel.

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