Saturday, August 2, 2014

Some of the Best Cafes in Berlin

Berlin is a city of cafes. Here are some of my favorites.

Cafe Blaumond

Cafe Blaumond is a cozy cafe located on a quiet street in Prenzlauer Berg. In a neighborhood full of cafes, Cafe Blaumond stands out as one of the best not only in Prenzlauer Berg but in all of Berlin. The cakes, salads, and especially the quiches are top notch. I especially like their homemade Spinach-Gorgonzola quiche and rhubarb cake. Yum! The coffee's good too. There's limited outdoor seating, but the interior is very inviting, especially on bad weather days. The friendly service and pleasant atmosphere make Cafe Blaumond one of my favorite places to hang out. 

Priscilla Port of Rum and Soca

Coffee and Quiche
at Cafe Blaumond
Karl-Marx-Allee is one of Berlin's busiest streets. Yet, sitting at Priscilla's, one hardly notices the buses, trucks, and cars rushing by. The canopied trees and wide green space buffer Priscilla from the street noise making it seem almost rustic. (It really does!) For an afternoon break while touring Karl-Marx-Allee, I recommend this cafe that has an East German charm.

Cafe Casero

Cafe Casero is my local neighborhood cafe in Friedrichshain. I love it. The coffee, panini, and breakfast plates are reasonable and appetizing. The low key atmosphere of Cafe Casero stands in stark contrast to touristy Friedrichshain. It's my escape where I can read the newspaper, listen to wonderful music, and enjoy a cup of coffee at a table under the trees.  

Chez Gustave

Chez Gustave is a charming and very friendly French cafe that's tucked away in Mitte. They have a wonderful selection of sandwiches and salads. I particularly like the coffee. I wish I had known about Chez Gustave when I worked in Wilmersdorf, it was on my route home. On the downside, Chez Gustave has a limited selection of pastries and cakes. 

Sankt Oberholz

Just Me
St. Oberholz is a well-known cafe in large space in Mitte. Most people buy a coffee and camp out at St. Oberholz for hours using the excellent, free Wi-Fi connection. The coffee isn't great and the upper floor can get very hot in summer, but it does have a pleasant, slightly rustic decor, and it has a sort of "work energy," because so many people come here to work on their cool Berlin startup projects. If you're looking for a place to use the Internet then St. Oberholz is the place.

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