Friday, August 8, 2014

Vegan Treat in the Heart of Friedrichshain

Wow! I never thought vegan food could taste this good. Goura Pakora, a vegan restaurant specializing in fusion Indian/Middle Eastern food, is a small restaurant that can easily be missed among the scores of restaurants off of Simon-Dach Straße. In fact, I didn't even notice Goura Pakora until very recently. That was my loss.

Located around the corner from where I live in Friedrichshain, Goura Pakora offers flavorful food at reasonable prices. Be advised that the portions are generous! I especially liked the Thali and Dosa. And although the Goura Pakora sign says vegetarian, it's really vegan. They don't use Honey for gosh sakes. Now, that's vegan.

Eating at Goura Pakora is an island of calm in the middle of the hectic Friedrichshain scene. The service is friendly and fast. There's also ample outdoor seating during the summer months and a beautifully decorated interior for those bad weather days. Goura Pakora is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Berlin.

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