Monday, November 3, 2014

"Wir Wollen Spielen" Berlin Goes After the Olympics

Let's face it, hosting the Olympics Games is a big money loser. Just ask people in Atlanta, Barcelona, London, Vancouver, Montreal, or Athens. So when Berlin announced last summer its intention to seek the Olympic Games, Berliners were a little surprised, if not outraged. You see, Berlin is so cash-strapped that it's had cut city services, reduced education funding, and eliminate a number of major infrastructure projects just to keep afloat.

Public opinion polls are unanimous, a majority of Berliners don't want the Games. Berliners know the Olympics is all about prestige and has little to do with economics. In fact, the only real winners in the Olympic Games extravaganza are the real estate developers and city insiders.

Yet, that hasn't stopped city officials from going forward with its bid to host the Games. Today, Berlin unveiled its Pro-Olympic advertising campaign. With a motto, "Wir Wollen Spielen (We Want to Play)," Berlin hopes to convince the Olympic selection committee that it's the best choice to host the 2024 Summer Games. Good luck to them, and bad luck to Berlin if it's awarded the Games. 

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