Thursday, May 21, 2015

Community Garden Journal: The Beginnning

Brentwood Farms Community Garden
Portland, Maine

This year I decided to join a Community Garden right here in Portland, Maine. Although I have an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture and have designed many gardens over the last couple of decades, I've never participated in a community garden. I hope this new experience will reinforce the satisfaction that come from producing healthy food from almost nothing but your hands and the soil. So dig in, and follow me as I discover the joys (and perhaps pitfalls) of community gardening.

Day 1
Day 1
Before Weeding, Compost and Leveling

The Brentwood Farms Community Garden is located near Evergreen Cemetery in a quiet and tranquil section of Portland. It's the perfect spot to let go of stress and get your hands dirty. The cost of an 8' x 8' plot for the season is $35, which includes the use of tools, compost, and water. 

I selected a plot with plenty of afternoon sun, easy access to water outlets, and level ground. Today's project: weeding, adding compost, and tilling the soil.

Tip: Why Till?

Tilling is needed if you are mixing amendments into the soil. Tilling is also helpful if you have severely compacted soil that needs to be broken up or any type of soil that needs to be broken into finer bits for planting seeds. This process also removes weeds and undesirable roots from the soil.

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