Sunday, May 31, 2015

Community Gardening: Entry 2

Over the years, I've learned that I get the most satisfaction from gardening when I don't spend a lot of money. I start with inexpensive ingredients and draw on my creativity, the wisdom from other growers, and a willingness to experiment. My results don't look like a photo spread from Sunset magazine, but they do reflect my sensibility that a garden should be artistic, subtle, and organically connected to its place.

Using Colorful Tomato Cages adds
a sense of whimsy to the garden.

Raised beds are preferred by most
community gardeners; however, I have
opted for a border composed of discarded rocks.

Tip: Buy Locally

I'd bought into the myth that you get the best deals from places like Home Depot, Lowe's, and Walmart. Yet, here in Portland, Maine, l found that local nurseries can often be less expensive, offer more variety, and provide a healthier stock of plant than those found at the discount chains, provided you shop around. For example, I compared tomato plants at my local nursery, Broadway Gardens, ($1.98 to $6.00) with those at Home Depot ($6.98). True, there are lots of very expensive plants at Broadway Gardens, but in this instance, the local nursery was the better deal for tomato plants. So, before you head off to the discounters, check prices at your local nurseries. 

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