Monday, June 29, 2015

Irène: A Crime Novel Not Shy About Depicting Violence

Pierre Lamaitre's Irène is a gripping fast-paced crime thriller full of violence, blood, and graphic detail. It's not for the faint of heart. Right from the start, the novel pulls you in, each page urging you on until its shocking climax.

I read a lot of crime novels. And for a seasoned crime reader, Irène is ingenious and totally unique. The unorthodox story caught me off-guard several times. Yet, the book has one fault, and it's a BIG one. Its title. More specifically, the title of the English translation. Its original French title was Travail Soigné (Craftsmanship). That title captures an important theme of the book, without spoiling a major plot twist. Even so, Irène's clean writing style, hard-boiled protagonist, and realistic depiction of violence kept me glued to my seat from start to finish.

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