Monday, June 22, 2015

JetBlue's (sort of) Free In-Flight Entertainment

These days the airline industry tries to squeeze as much money from its passengers as possible. Airlines charge for extra leg room, aisle seating, and priority boarding. Last year, JetBlue announced that it would change its long standing policy of free checked baggage and begin charging $20 for each checked bag. (It was the last major airline to have a free checked bag policy.) So I was surprised (and a bit skeptical) to learn that JetBlue had a new free in-flight entertainment option.

JetBlue passengers who are Amazon Prime members can now stream tens of thousands of movies and TV shows from their iPads, Kindles, laptops, and other mobile devices for free. And while most airlines that offer wi-fi typically charge $5 per hour or $16 for a full day's access, JetBlue's Amazon Prime service is free. Of course, there is a hitch. You have to be an Amazon Prime member ($99 per year) to take advantage of this absolutely free service.

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