Monday, June 15, 2015

USS Enterprise Building

A Chinese millionaire and Star Trek fan has boldly gone where no man has gone before-built an office complex in the shape of the USS Enterprise. The $160 million homage to the 1960s TV show and its numerous spin-offs was built between 2008 and 2014. Located in the south-east province of Fujian, the building is the headquarters of NetDragon Websoft and is the only officially-licensed Star Trek replica building in the world.

A Chinese version of Paris
The Chinese are noted for building reproductions of famous European places, including Parisian streets, Venetian canals, and Swiss Alpine villages. Now they've turned their attention to American TV shows. What's next? A multi-million dollar sport's arena in the guise of Batman's bat cave?

I have a thought. Perhaps the Chinese should build things uniquely Chinese instead of spending millions on things we already have enough of. Let's face it. How many Eiffel Towers does the world really need?

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