Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Anything Your Fitbit Says Can and Will be Used in a Court of Law

I love my Fitbit, but be aware that the information it tracks could be used in a court of law. Recently, a woman in Pennsylvania was charged with knowingly filing a false report after data from her Fitbit undermined her claim of rape. Data from her Fitbit tracker showed that the woman was awake and active during the night, including the time she told police she was sleeping. Jeannine Risley claimed she'd been sleeping before she was awaken and raped. Yet, data from her Fitbit contradicted her account, leading investigators to determine she had lied. 

In another case, data from a Fitbit was used to defend a person seeking compensation in a personal injury action. The Fitbit data established that the plaintiff's level of fitness was below someone of like age and profession. 

So whether it's a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Google Wristband, your wearable computing device could be used in a court of law either for or against you.

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