Sunday, September 13, 2015

Berlin's Food Revolution

Believe it or not, it's vegan quiche!
Berlin is a food city, and over the last few years it has undergone a food revolution. The variety of restaurants, specialty food stores, and ethnic markets is astounding. You can find almost any cuisine in this city and at an affordable price. For example, when I want Scandinavian food, I go to the Nordic Embassies. They have full course meals for under €6! You can't get a cup of coffee for that in Scandinavia. And if I want a croissant and cup of coffee, I go to Chez Gustave. At €2,40, it's cheaper than a Berlin subway ride.

But nowhere has the food revolution been more profound than in the explosion of vegan restaurants, stores, and products. For a country renowned for it's meats, cheeses, and wild game, it's unbelievable how veganism has taken hold. Nearly every supermarket now has a vegan food section, most restaurants offer at least one vegan menu item, and there have been calls for the public schools to offer vegan meals.

Sitting at Chez Gustave the other day, I was surprised to find that the proprietress was willing to make a vegan crepe for a customer. She even mentioned that she tries to have a vegan quiche at least once a week. A vegan quiche at a French cafe? Now, that's either progress or the demise of classic French food. I wonder what Julia Child would say?

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