Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Going Underground: Berlin's Wonderful Subway Film Festival

My favorite film festival is now showing on the Berlin subway system (U-Bahn). From September 7-22, 2015, subway passengers will be treated to an ultra short film each day on over 6,100 monitors located on subway trains. Going Underground is an international film festival celebrating short films from around the world. This year there are 13 films vying for the top prize, with subway passengers voting for their favorite film. (You can also go to site's web page and watch the movies yourself.)

Two of my favorites are Beyond Her Memory (South Korea), an affectionate movie about growing old, and the Perfect Houseguest (USA), a delightful film about the houseguest everybody wants. However, many critics (European) think that this year's prize will go to the topical Get In The Car (USA). Unfortunately, the movie relies on too many cliches and American stereotypes, which I found unoriginal and predictable.

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